Sony Xperia XZ2 could be the ideal smartphone for more conservative users, disturbed by recent "innovations" in the market [OPINIE]

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I write this text hot. The Sony Xperia XZ2 has attracted my attention from the moment it was announced. Today I had the opportunity to use it at an event that Sony organized in Romania and I can say I was pleasantly impressed. It was "attraction at first sight". It remains to be seen if the feeling will deepen after I test the smartphone for a longer period. Those who will blame me for promoting Sony can offer them many examples of articles in which I criticized the company.

This year, I was disappointed with the "innovations" made by smartphone manufacturers and I was disappointed with the Full View / Infinity / etc screens. implemented at the cost of some sacrifices or cut displays with "bang" on the iPhone X.

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Here is a model that draws me from where I did not expect. That's Sony, a company I've said to many friends in the past: "If you get a gift or your employer, you'll be very pleased with them. They are moving well and are excellent for multimedia. But giving your money to a Sony is a mistake when you have better options. " I was saying this because the Japanese company succeeded, with every new top-of-the-range model, to give, as they say, "with the bat in the pond". Either he puts a sensor room two years ago (though he is a world leader on this market), or he does not stubbornly offer useful and appreciated features such as wireless charging or the new model looks identical to the previous one. Therefore, every time compared to a Samsung or Huawei model of the same generation, a Xperia lost in my analysis, although it costs the same or even more.

Sony is launching (I'm not afraid to be wrong), one of the most balanced and attractive premium smartphones this year. It is like a kind of oasis in a desert clone of Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. Well-furnished with functions, the XZ2 sacrifices few elements for the sake of design. It has an 18: 9 image format screen, but it also comes with powerful front-facing stereo speakers. These include a vibration system that can be activated when the user consumes content such as movies, music or games. He still has a fingerprint sensor, although he was moved to a more inconvenient position on his back. It comes with wireless charge and with the highest rating for water and dust resistance available on smartphones – IP68 / 65. It has a camera that promises to be performing, capable of shooting at 4K HDR and super slow motion – 960 fps, Full HD. And the phone design is fresh. We also noticed a much smaller amount of bloatware than the previous models. The new peak of the range has, however, lost the 3.5 mm universal audio jack

Sony has clearly made a step forward with this model, but as a design, it is not a big one, capable of disappointing the loyal fan base of the brand. This discreet step, however, has the potential to attract new, more conservative customers, as I am. I do not want innovation for the sake of innovation, as I explained more extensively here. I do not want a display that covers the entire front of the phone just for the sake of the futuristic look that it offers. There are elements – wireless charging, decent front speakers, fingerprint sensor, good sound, water and dust resistance – which I greatly appreciate on smartphones, and XZ2 ticks them. Another big advantage of Sony is the speed with which the company offers the latest Android updates. Moreover, XZ2 has a price on this planet of 3,500 lei.

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I think that this time, Sony pulled the winning lot and I would like the XZ2 to be a success. Sincerely for what Sony has meant (and still means) in the history of electronics. Considering the company's decision to launch a Xperia DNA product, but that's fresh, when everyone on the market is busy watching the competition and cloning.

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