Soon no more games on the Mac? OpenGL in macOS mojave "abolished"

You may also read other news pages about Mac and are already stumbled over it. Apple dismisses OpenGL and OpenCL in macOS Mojave.

Metal (2) just an evolution

Most authors forget their clues, however, that Apple is itself the creator of OpenCL and in the further development of OpenGL has at least always talked a word. What you’re experiencing today at Metal (2) is basically just a development.

OpenCL, for example, was thought to leverage CPU resources to make graphics-intensive applications work without a matching graphics card. Apple did not unleash this interface for nothing, as it wanted to exploit processor speed on its laptops with Intel onboard graphics solutions to accelerate apps. Or look at Fortnite on the iPhone. It scales well and gets a lot out of the platform.

Are there any games left on the Mac soon?

No. Games will continue to be available on the Mac in the future. However, if you use macOS Mojave, you probably will not be able to use many games that rely on OpenGL. Much depends on the developers, whether they provide older games with an update.

Otherwise, the plug will not be pulled even in the short term. Because Apple has declared OpenGL and OpenCL in Mojave merely as “Deprecated” (English for outdated). Developers can already be prepared for the fact that the plug will be completely pulled no later than 2019.

Apps built using OpenGL and OpenCL wants to continue to run in macOS 10.14, but these legacy technologies are deprecated in macOS 10.14.

It has been suggested

Surprisingly, this step does not come. Because Apple has not updated the integrated in macOS version of OpenGL for a long time. In macOS High Sierra, Apple is using OpenGL 3.3, a release from 2010, even though it now has version 4.6 (2017).

For developers working with OpenGL, the Khronos Group offers one with Vulkan Interface to translate software “easier” to metal.

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