Sparkasse does not test Apple Pay? False or cover-up?


Apple Pay sets usually on credit cards.In Germany these are still in comparison to the In this country, it is more on EC or Girokarten.With iOS 12 Apple di Submit support for these cards and would be able to reach a large potential number of users with the service. While an announcement is still pending, the savings bank gave hope in recent days. On Twitter, a user asked what keeps the Sparkasse from implementing it. The answer came promptly: “Apple has not yet announced this service in Germany. 😉 ”

This statement has been interpreted by many users as an indication of a speedy start and has an “insider” equally spoken of internal tests. According to a recent iPhone ticker article, this should be a “classic hoax”. Whether it is actually a hoax, we can not completely rule out. However, Apple may have intervened and asked for secrecy. After all, it would not be the first time that Apple has “talked” with chatty partners. Especially the support of debit cards in iOS 12 could serve as a precursor for the German market. Also the savings bank shows on Twitter “basically interested in Apple Pay”.

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