Spectacles, smart goggles from Snapchat, can also be used on Instagram and Facebook


Spectacles Spectacles from Snap Inc. are very useful for those who want to take photos and videos anytime and anywhere without calling the smartphone, but the disadvantage is that video files made in this way are made to be published on the network Snapchat socialization. Given that not many Snapchat users are crammed to buy these glasses, the company has decided to allow clips to be saved in other formats compatible with other networks

Filming made with the two generations of Spectacles glasses is a bit weird, being recorded in a circular shape, moving the phone in various directions revealing more of the recorded material. Unfortunately, these footage only appears on Snapchat, and on all other networks the clips are framed in a circle. However, a new mobile network update will allow you to save in "more normal" formats.

In addition to the possibility to save the clips in a black or white circle in the local gallery, there will now be the possibility to save the 1: 1 aspect ratio clips or the 16: 9 widescreen format. These files will be the result of a cropping from the original clip, thus losing the material elements from the tracks and probably lowering the resolution. The advantage is that you can now use Spectacles to make short videos for publishing on any other platform like Instagram or Facebook or their "stories" components without removing the phone from your pocket

The upgrade will come in iOS and Android in the near future, but the feature will be activated in waves for each account. Spectacles are still quite expensive, which is why neither the first generation has sold well. The advantages of new models are water resistance, a smaller load case and a more efficient camera. The export function in the new formats will be available on both generations of spectacles.

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