spectacular case studies by companies coming to iCEE.fest next week


Not nearly Nearly 200 international experts and speakers coming to Bucharest next week on June 14 and 15 will not present to the public ] the latest trends in digital, but also the way technology is used to enhance creativity and consumer interaction with brands

  • Latest details about the festival are available here
  • The list of speakers in the fields of creation, virtual reality, augmented, mixed and experimental is here

Here are 10 trends that you will be able to see, exemplified with so many case studies by the companies that will be present on the festival's stages

1. Border between real and virtual disappears

The new technologies allow a gamer to compete, in real life, with a real-time racing driver. Here is a technical and creative madness made by Unit 9 .

The same company realizes other spectacular projects like this, in which water has "caught up":

  • Unit9 will also feature on the second day of the festival, June 15, on Upgrade Stage

2. Interactive gaming and entertainment experiences in AR, combined with "traditional" television

Soon we will be able to watch shows and sports competitions on the dining table. A spectacular Rewind project for Redbull:

  • Rewind will present on the second day of the festival, June 15, on Upgrade Stage

3. Mixed Reality with Combined Elements of AR and VR

Volumetric filming produces "multi-dimensional magic". Here are some examples, via Dimension Studio:

  • You can learn more from Simon Windsor, Co-Founder & Director, Dimension Studio / Upgrade Stage / June 15

4. Ghost in the shell – a VR experience, from REWIND

To make "Ghost in the shell" / VR, REWIND has collaborated with Oculus, Paramount and Dreamworks

The outcome? The notion of "spectator" is changing: the public can be part of the action:

  • Head of Special Projects @ REWIND, Oliver Kibblewhite to be present in Bucharest on June 15 / Upgrade Stage

5. Three-Dimensional Art in Virtual Reality: Phelps Vs. Shark, de la Discovery VR

Discovery and artist Wesley Allsbrook combined Virtual Reality, Art and Science to describe the time when the most important swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps faces the most powerful ocean predator

  • VP of Interactive & VR @ Discovery Agency Cory Key comes to iCEE.fest 2018 / Upgrade Stage, June 15

6. Great Productions for Consumer Attention

Produced by Spanish director Pedro Martin-Calero, BBH London created a story that brought Maradona, Cafu, Effenberg and Vicente del Bosque together. All this in the preparation of Russian football CM

  • Lucian Trestler, Strategy Director & Melanie Arrow, Entertainment Lead and Strategy Director, both at BBH London will be on Upgrade Stage / June 15

7. Extreme experiences no longer involve risks. The Slide: a 360 ° / VR view, from Happy Finish

The Shard is the tallest building in the UK, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Happy Finnish wanted to improve the already spooky vision by adding elements of Virtual Reality. Here's what came out:

  • Global CEO @ Happy Finish Daniel Cheetham will be on the Upgrade Stage / June 15

8. Interaction with the products before acquisition is now possible through AR technologies

Smart phones and tablets can function, augmented reality, as an interactive mirror. Girls, what do you say? 😉

  • Co-founder & Chief Executive @ Holition Jonathan Chippindale arrives at iCEE.fest 2018 / Upgrade Stage / June 14

9. In a world dominated by social media, real-time marketing is on the rise

An example: social media elements that have a direct effect on the price of products: Hungerithm Campaign from MediaCom

With an algorithm that monitors the online mood, Hungerithm is a campaign that has had remarkable results: a 67% increase in sales. A Gold Award at Cannes Lions.

  • Global Head of Mobile @ MediaCom Ben Phillips will be present at iCEE.fest / Upgrade Stage / June 14

10. Humor and courage continue to work

At the end, good news: technology does not offer solutions for anything. Sometimes, humor and courage are enough.

The BBH London Campaign for ABSOLUT does not need too many comments:

– It will be held in Bucharest next week on June 14 and 15. Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival –

available, AGENDA and 19459005 speakers on official site .

The festival is organized in partnership with Orange and has among the supporters BCR, Glo, Nissan, Kaufland, mPlatform, VTex, ENEL, Medlife, Freewheel / Comcast, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Coca-Cola and other partners

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