Spectrum and Meltdown Rifts: Microsoft Offers Windows Patch in Urgency



                                                     Spectrum and Meltdown Rifts: Microsoft Offers Windows Patch in Urgency



We know a little more about the fault that affects the processors, it is actually two faults called Spectrum and Meltdown. Publishers are busy offering patches, Microsoft publishes those of January in advance.

The first cumulative update of the year should have taken place on January 9, that is to say the second Tuesday of the month as Microsoft is used to doing. The flaws have been unveiled in advance, they are released today for Windows 10. In the list of published patches there are several patches for various problems including the famous security updates.

Spectrum and Meltdown have their site

The discoverers of the flaw, several independent researchers, university or Google Project Zero team, have set up a dedicated website with a series of questions and answers about these two flaws that affect the processors. We learn that most computer users are concerned and that it is difficult to know if a machine has been targeted or if it is possible at this stage to detect a possible attack.

A press release released by Intel claimed that other manufacturers of AMD and ARM processors were also concerned with the problem. The site dedicated to the flaw also confirms it: if there is still a doubt about "Meltdown", the flaw "Spectrum" has been tested on the AMD and ARM processors.

In addition patches proposed by Microsoft today, developers Linux and Mac OS have already filled the flaw via updates. For Windows users, the update will be installed directly via the Windows Update update system, starting today for Windows 10 users, by next Tuesday for the other operating systems still supported. Professionals can recover patches through the Microsoft Update Catalog site.



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