Spotify Free now has fewer mobile limitations and requires less data traffic

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Spotify's response to the increasingly aggressive moves of our competitors came faster than we expected. While I already knew for a long time that the free version of the service would get a cosmetic, we did not necessarily expect such a change in terms of functionality. If you have not already made a Premium subscription to Spotify, the company now offers you no incentive to do so, as some Premium capabilities are now available on Spotify Free

For those who used Spotify Free on a computer or tablet, the differences will not be obvious at first. These versions can already play on demand any song from any playlist or the entire library of the service. Those who primarily use Spotify on mobile will now be able to choose any song from playlists automatically generated by Spotify, or made by the editorial team.

So, there's no shuffle playback in Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, and Release Radar playlists; mobile users can play songs in any order they want. Furthermore, UIrille playlist service selections such as Ultimate India, Viva Latino, Rap Caviar and many others will benefit from the same type of playback. The only limitations on mobile playback will be when you search for a specific album or piece. Offline playback also remains dedicated to premium subscribers.

Last but not least, the mobile app has received Data Saver, which should significantly reduce data usage over the previous version. In theory, savings could go somewhere to 75%, but it is not clear whether sound quality either suffers or not.

The mobile app also changes the Free Users interface (it is not clear if this interface will be adopted by Premium accounts too). This is more airy and offers faster access to playlists without limitations, using the suggestion owner algorithm

Given that Spotify says the new mobile app will reach all "Free" users in the next few weeks, it's probably a backend update, not an application update. This new interface has already been detected in the main application a few weeks ago and appeared when you first log in with a free account on a new smartphone

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