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Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, is now available in Romania. The launch comes after several rumors and delays, probably the last great service of digital content that did not have an official presence in our country

Last week, Spotify held a presentation event in Bucharest where two representatives of the company, Prezemek Pluta, Markets Operations for South and East Europe, and Marcel Grobe, Head of PR & Communications for our region, detailed the entire service and particularities for our country.

How much does Spotify cost in Romania

Spotify is a service that offers the opportunity to listen to music both free of charge and on a subscription basis. Those who opt for a monthly subscription will pay 5 euros per month for unlimited access to the entire music library, expanded mobile capabilities, and a few other benefits.

What are the differences between free Spotify and Premium accounts?

Users who do not want to pay a monthly subscription to Spotify can enjoy free access to the entire music library as well as to all the main functions of the service, such as daily playlists, weekly playlists and recommendations plus all the other lists either by Spotify's proprietary algorithms or by the editorial team

Since access to Spotify is free of charge for these accounts, the company will recover costs by displaying ads in the form of banners, in the form of video clips, or even in the form of audio commercials such as radio ones. There is already a local partnership with advertisers, so advertisements will be adapted to the public in Romania

Users who pay Premium will not receive ads within the app and have access to some more advanced features. For example, they can download local music so they can listen to it without an internet connection. Also, in the mobile app, they can play any song they want, anytime, even offline, which is impossible on free accounts. A "free" account can only access playlists in "shuffle" mode and has the ability to change the track to a limited number of times a day

Last but not least, Premium users also have access to high quality music that consumes more internet traffic, of course.

All new Spotify users will be able to benefit from a free Premium month, after which they can choose to opt out of the subscription or pay further. For starters, Spotify in Romania will not offer family-based subscriptions, will not offer pre-pay cards for store subscriptions nor have a partnership with telecom operators. To sign up for a Premium account, use a credit card.

What music and content are there on Spotify in Romania

The entire Spotify library is available all over the world. The company does not limit content by region, although artists who publish music on Spotify have the option of blocking access to certain countries. At this time, no artist or record label uses these limitations.

For the launch in Romania, Spotify has made partnerships with all the major record companies in Romania, so local music will be available from day one

Also, besides songs, Spotify hosts many podcasts, and the company is open to collaborations with local content creators who want to publish their content on their service

What are the differences between Spotify in Romania and other versions

At present, Spotify in Romania will not be different from the international service that was accessible via a VPN. The app interface and content will be 100% in English. According to Spotify representatives, in other regions, the location process lasted from one year to two years.

Also, the company will not open a local office, all content and support being controlled by the Polish division of the company

Discover Weekly functionality will not be available within the first two weeks after launch, as the algorithm will have to learn the preferences of new users

You can sign up for Spotify right now just completely free with your Facebook account if you do not want to use a dedicated email address and password, accessing the service being available through both the desktop, mobile or other smart devices ( smart TV, game consoles, smart speakers, etc.) or directly from the browser

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