Spotify Lite is the music app for those with limited data plans

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As smartphones are becoming more and more popular, especially in areas where fast Internet access is not a possibility, many companies are launching "Lite" applications to ensure a quality experience even on weak connections. The Spotify streaming service is the next to launch a more "light" version of the mobile app, which is already available in the beta version for Android

Spotify Lite is an application dedicated to those who do not have fast or stable Internet access, as well as modest-style phones such as the Android Go series. It takes only 15 MB in the phone memory, making it easier to download on a mobile connection with limited speed. It also comes with a simplified interface, but with restricted access to some of the features that set up the streaming music service.

In addition to Spotify Connect the feature that can use a Wi-Fi connection to control the music playback on all Spotify connected devices from any other Spotify Lite and custom radio stations, downloading music for offline listening and listening to music in a certain order. Basically, this app is dedicated to "Free" account users, as you can not access these capabilities with either a "Premium" account

But what the application offers is better control of the data consumed. There is an indicator that measures the data traffic consumed by Spotify Lite, and there is the possibility to impose a download limit from a list: 250, 500 or 750 MB or 1, 2 or 3 GB

Currently, the app is only available in the Google Play Store and only in certain regions . Those who have no patience can install it faster by downloading apk from different sources, but Spotify Lite may not be compatible with certain devices

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