Spotify prepares improvements for free streaming service

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Spotify is a service that offers a fairly competent free version, with the limitations not very disturbing to those who listen to music on YouTube for example. Ads and the impossibility of downloading local music are not exactly the biggest hurdles I have encountered in free services, but the Swedish company believes that there is room for improving the users' experience without a premium account. Now that Spotify is a listed company, surely the goal is to attract as many users as possible, which will keep investors happy

This information is the result of a Bloomberg report that says a new version of the mobile app will offer premium subscribers an improved experience, which could mean extended functionality, a simplified interface, or the removal of some of the limitations. Now, those who use Spotify on the mobile in the free version can only play lists, not individual songs of their choice, and can skip songs for a limited number of times each hour. Ads may also appear during playback, like a radio station.

The news of Spotify's changes comes shortly after Apple announced that it has 38 million subscribers on Apple Music, which continues to grow at a fairly alert pace. Spotify is not in danger of losing the first place in this race. With 71 million premium subscribers and 159 million worldwide, this service is far ahead of the competition, but a new strategy will be needed to increase those figures

Spotify's advantage over Apple Music and other similar services is that it offers the possibility to register a free account that can be used without much restrictions on the PC and tablet

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