Spotify Tests New Interface and Voice Control in Mobile Application

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Launching in Romania has brought Spotify to our attention more than it did normally, but the company seems to be seriously preparing for this year's stock market. Extending services to new territories seems to be just the beginning, with both a new interface and a virtual assistant for the mobile application. Both features are available for a limited number of users and seem to work pretty well.

First of all, Android users who make new accounts for Spotify's free version benefit from a completely new interface that is not available to existing users. It drops the concentrated design that tries to provide as much information as possible on a single screen, adopting instead larger images for album covers, new and colorful icons for different genres, and more "airy" listings in searches.

The application returns to the old interface as soon as an older account is used, whether it's on the old or Premium version. However, in order to test the new application, it is necessary to delete the old one and reinstall it.

Also, Spotify is trying to take it a while before Apple, allowing voice control on the smart HomePod speaker just on Apple Music. As the Spotify service can be used alongside HomePod on any device compatible with the AirPlay standard, the company has decided to implement voice control directly into the mobile app. This capability is derived from the so-called "driving mode" that was in a limited beta test in 2017 and allows commands such as "Play my Discover Weekly", "Play [X] Artist", "Play [X] "Play [X] Genre" and can also provide playback control (play / pause / next). The only downside is that you need to physically press a button on the phone or tablet screen to activate the voice command.

Both functions are currently in the test, but will certainly be launched in the near future, perhaps together.

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