Spotify Tests Voice Assistants – Reference to Smart Speaker?

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While TechCrunch reports on the language assistant, its existence is also confirmed by Spotify, although the company claims that the feature is currently available with a manageable number of users tried it, but this is currently only a test. ”

The Swedes have to unlock a microphone icon for some users in the lower right corner. With a tap on the button, the user of the app can give different commands. This can be used to play songs, albums, artists or playlists – even genres are available here.

Of course, the integrated voice assistant in the current state is limited to the most essential basic functions for music playback. However, this test makes a lot of sense together with the recent rumors, as Spotify allegedly working on a first hardware product. It is speculated that this is a smart speaker that will compete with Apple’s HomePod and the Sonos One. However, such a speaker requires a voice assistant so that various tasks – such as music playback – can be fulfilled.

If there’s something in the rumors, it will probably turn out in the next few months. Meanwhile, we may look forward to Apple’s HomePod, which will soon be officially released in Germany.

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