Spotify wants to improve searches in the user suggestion service


Now that Spotify is available in Romania, we can track the evolution of the streaming service more closely. Almost simultaneously with the launch in our region, the homonym company has launched a new feature for the Spotify desktop application that allows users to suggest changes to the metadata of content in the portfolio to ensure faster and relevant searches and to guarantee the truthfulness of the information listed .

The new feature is called Line-In and works through a dedicated site. Virtually any Spotify user can access the context menu next to each song, album or artist (three points "...") and can click on the "Suggest an Edit" button. This action opens, where all the songs on the service are listed

Once on Line-In, the user can edit all the features of an item, from the name of the artist, the name of the album, the genre in which it is framed, whether or not it contains explicit material, if there is another alternative name, could search for the song, add the language in which the song is played, if it is associated with a mood, or if other artists have contributed to the song or album. Last but not least, links can be added to other sites.

Of course, Spotify will not change the content, waiting for more suggestions from fans. Once an item has a fairly large number of suggestions for changes, the editorial team will check the content and approve or undo the changes. They enter into force only after they have been verified.

At the moment, Line-IN functionality is only available on the desktop, but Spotify has already announced that it is already working on a mobile application that will allow similar capabilities.

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