Spotify with less data usage and free offers

On the today's Spotify has stepped up pressure on Apple Music in New York. For example, the new version of the app no ​​longer just offers playlists that play randomly, but adds more playlists, such as Discover Weekly, that can no longer be played randomly. Among these playlists should also be personalized lists that adapt to the listening habits of the user. According to first statements, this should work similar to Apple Music. Here you also choose music styles and artists that you like in the initial setup. Suggestions will be made based on this first feedback. However, the on-demand access to 15 playlists to be limited. Others are possible, but are then subject to random playback.

The second major innovation announced an improvement in streaming performance. To this end, Spotify wants to introduce a low-data mode in the new version, which should reduce the data consumption on the move by up to 75 percent. This would strengthen the streaming on the way. According to the company in the US about 50 percent of users for Spotify rely on the WLAN. In Mexico and Brazil, the number is even at about 70 percent, while in Vietnam, even 80 percent only in the wireless music is purchased via Spotify.

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