Spyware Programs on Windows: Tracking and Removing Keyloggers


It's a good idea anyway to maintain a Windows computer for safety as well. This includes current updates for operating system and programs, regular backups and a current virus scanner. Basically, Windows Defender serves its purpose, but our tests show that there are many virus scanners with better detection. A look at our virus scanner leaderboard shows you the current ranking. With a virus scanner you already have a good tool as a keylogger protection and -recognizer on board. Since keyloggers have to dig deep into the system to log the keystrokes, the heuristics of the virus scanners tend to jump on new keyloggers as well.

Basic protection also requires knowing what is installed and running on the computer , So check the list of installed programs from time to time and remove the tools you do not use. If you come across entries that you do not know, find out what's installed on your Windows PC. If you want to drill even deeper, look at the entries in Task Manager. But beware: just because an entry does not tell you right away should not be removed immediately. First, make sure what it is and then remove in case of cases. If something goes wrong, you still have your backups.


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