Start demo mode on Apple TV – Here’s how

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If you’ve never been to an Apple Store before or did not pay attention to the Apple TV during your visit, you can now play in the domestic four Walls to make a picture of Apple’s demo mode. Of course, you will find out how this works and what you should be aware of when using it.

Who else Once in a store and trying out hardware, knows how annoying it can be when other customers have completely misplaced settings, set their face as background and so on.Although, of course, some features are missing on the Apple TV, customers may be in for clutter In order for every customer to feel that they are using a “fresh” device, Apple has hidden a demo mode that includes the Home screen m resets to the initial layout. This can also be activated on the domestic models.

How to start the demo mode on the Apple TV

First, start your Apple TV 4 (or later) and open in “Settings”> “General.”

Now it is You will see the menu item “Info” at the top. Select it, but do not open it.

Press the play / pause button four times in quick succession.

A menu with the title “Retail Demo Configuration” will open. Click on “Demo Mode.”

Here you can choose either the demo mode “Apple Store” or “Channel”. Click the desired mode and then click “Apply Changes” to restart your Apple TV.

Disable : To disable demo mode, reopen the hidden “Retail Demo Configuration” menu and then select the option ” Off ”

Incidentally, after selecting the demo mode, you can also set your own address for the screen saver and have your own video played instead of the Apple Store demo video.

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