For business and commercial applications, the StarVR One uses eye tracking technologies to adapt the image to the viewing and viewing direction of a pair of AMOLED specially designed VR content screens

The device offers almost 100% coverage of the field of view, with 210 degrees of horizontal and 130 degrees vertical. AMOLED screens, one for each eye, display a total of 16 million sub-pixels and support image update rate and 90Hz. According to the production company, the playback image covers the whole RGB color spectrum and has uniform clarity for the entire field of vision.

Watching eye movements, the StarVR One helmet can real- graphics used to represent the VR world, concentrating the details exactly where you look. This is especially important for very complex simulations that could not be reproduced at an acceptable level of performance, generating the full picture with maximum detail.

With only 450 grams in weight and ergonomic design, the StarVR One

Each StarVR One comes packaged with the StarVR 2.0 API, which is available to developers to create VR-compliant applications that are compatible with this device. The manufacturer also offers a StarVR One XT, which includes optical markers for use with external positioning systems

Unfortunately, the price and availability for ordering the new VR accessory have not been communicated

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