Steam Link and Steam Video for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

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Valve announced today two new apps. They will be posted on the App Store during the week around May 21st. These are Steam Link and Steam Video.

Mac and PC Games on Apple TV

If your Apple TV (or iPhone, or iPad) is on the same network as Your Mac or PC with Steam, then you can soon play the games on the big TV. This is what makes the “Steam Link” app possible.

Valve sells a small accessory box under the same name, which you can connect to the TV. But that was almost sold out. Now Valve has decoupled the streaming of games from this hardware and also allows it on iOS and tvOS devices with the corresponding app.

However, you must use fast WLAN (5 GHz) or a network cable for the Apple TV , so that the magic works well. Plus, with an MFi-compatible controller, you’ll be able to enjoy the games with minimal delay.

Steam Becomes Video Platform

You can buy videos on Steam for quite some time. Particularly interesting are exclusive documentaries on computer and video games. But now manga films and series or horror and science fiction productions and more are also offered. Accordingly, in the future you can watch your Steam movie library on the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Then use the “Steam Video” app, which will also be released around May 21.

Valve also releases the two apps for Android devices. So if you have a smartphone, tablet or a set-top box with Android, the above is also true.

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