Steam Link May Not App Store

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Steam Link not for iOS?

Do you believe Valv e, the decision of the original App Store review team was overruled from the top. Because on May 7, the app went live. Two days later, however, it has been removed from the App Store.

The rationale: There are conflicts in the business model that violate the app store policies. They were not considered by the original review team.

Valve hopes

The company claims to have filed opposition to the decision. It was explained that it was just a kind of network-based remote desktop app, of which there was a whole row in the App Store.

But Apple did not give up the contradiction. Now the team at Valve hopes for all the work that went into the app that Apple is changing their minds again.

With Steam Link, you would have the same from an existing Mac or PC Network where Steam is installed and running, “streaming” games to the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV and then being able to play there.

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