Steve Jobs application goes away for 174,757 dollars

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The three pieces signed by Steve Jobs and auctioned by RR Auction include a manual , an article on the iPhone 3G as well as a manual for Mac OS X.

The questionnaire for a job application letter from Steve Jobs changed hands for the amazing sum of 174,757 US dollars. Its value was estimated at $ 50,000 before the auction.

The signed Mac OS X manual was sold for $ 41,806, while the iPhone newspaper article earned $ 26,950. Taken together, these three items were sold for nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

The questionnaire for the application dates back to when Steve Jobs had dropped out of training at Reed's College in 1973. Jobs had studied English literature, claims to have a driver's license, but no phone. He writes that theoretically he can come to a car, has computer and calculator skills.

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