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The PlayStation 4 consoles are delivered in 500 GB or 1 TB of internal storage, a space that is unbearable for a user who buys many games, has a PlayStation Plus subscription, or scores many screenshots and gameplay videos. Even if Sony allows upgrading the internal hard drive, many users do not manage to do this or maybe they do not want to risk spoiling the console. Thus, the Seagate Game Drive can be an elegant solution that can considerably expand the console's storage space, just plugging it into a USB port.

Construction , design

I tested in the past a Seagate Game Drive at that time for the Xbox. That benefit from a black and green colored plastic construction, colors that reminded the Microsoft console brand. Game Play for PlayStation 4 is not very different from the outside of its shape, but the colors are now a matte black, similar to PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro consoles and a glossy blue plastic edge, the PlayStation brand color

Being housed inside a 2.5 "4TB hard drive, the shell of this Game Drive is a bit thicker and heavier than the 2TB we've tested before but the packaging and accessories are similar. In fact, this hard drive comes with a simple USB Type-A to USB 3.0 micro-USB cable, short in size and does not require additional power. Once connected to one of the console ports (the front two or the rear in the case of PS4 Pro), the blue LED turns on and can be configured for use.

The Seagate Game Drive is nothing but a 4TB portable hard drive with PlayStation branding . That's why those who are looking for a storage unit for any kind of console or computer can trust this unit. It does not matter that you will use your hard disk to store files on Windows, Linux or MacOS PCs, connect it to an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4. It will work on each one without any problems once is formatted in a way that the device recognizes it.

From the factory, Game Drive is formatted in NTFS file system (3.63 TB usable), which is characteristic of the Windows operating system. That's why we chose to first test the "old" PC. We did not insist with too many "tests" as hard drive technology reached a technological ceiling, so we expected the reading and writing speeds to be in normal parameters, even if we are talking about a USB drive

Since the upper speed limit of a USB 3.0 port is 5 Gbps and that of a SATA port is 6 Gbps, the connection could not be the limiting element, since a a 2.5 "hard drive can reach about 1 Gbps. This was also confirmed by the CrystalDiskMark test, the test unit reaching 120MB / s read speed and 115MB / s on writing, even surprisingly good performance. 4 recognizes the Game Drive immediately, but if it is formatted in the NTFS file system, it will require a complete format in exFAT. Formatting erases everything on the hard drive and the console provides enough warnings to have time to quit formatting before making the final decision . The process is pretty fast and then configures the game drive as the primary storage drive.

What does this mean? Any game to be installed while the Game Drive is connected to USB will be automatically installed on the external drive The only things that will remain on the console's internal drive are screenshots and video recordings. To be able to download or install games on the PlayStation 4 internal drive, the Game Drive will need to be disconnected. This can be done when the console is turned off directly by removing the USB plug or through the console software in the Devices menu where there is a button called "Stop Using This Extended Drive," the equivalent of "Safely Remove USB" in Windows.

the game Shadow of the Colossus in its version on the disk, in order to compare the installation times. The PlayStation 4 Pro console I used for testing had a Sebate 2TB installed unit, not the original 1TB drive. The results were, however, unimpressed, as the two units proved to be very similar.

[Thegamewhichoccupies13GBwasinstalledinjustunder10minutesoneachofthedrivesdirectlyonthedisk (9 minutes and 45 seconds fixed in both situations). There is a possibility that these drives are a bit faster than the original ones, but without a console with the original hard drive at your fingertips, it's hard to say with certainty. At least we can conclude that using a USB drive will not make the user experience more difficult, but it even has a chance to improve it.

For the sake of comparison, we chose to move the game Shadow of the Colossus from one unit to the other, action possible in the Storage section of the console settings menu. From the internal unit to the USB drive, the transfer took about 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and in the opposite direction 2 minutes and 49 seconds so a negligible difference


If you're looking for a simple solution for expanding storage space for PlayStation 4 (or any other device with at least one USB port), Seagate's Game Drive for PS4 is a very exciting solution. Basically, this is the ultimate "upgrade" for a PlayStation console, as it can increase storage space on a 500GB internal HDD console and 4 times for a Slim 1TB console or a Pro

Since a 2TB HDD already offers plenty of storage for a dozen good games, you'll probably be able to store over 100 titles at the same time on the 4TB Game Drive. The only real drawback is the fact that video or screenshots can not be saved on it, transferring from console to PC can be very fast in this way. However, this limitation is imposed by Sony for all external drives where games can be installed. Fortunately, the transfer of pictures and videos can be done smoothly using a USB stick

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