Students in Russia are checked with metal detectors and scanners before exams, so they do not come with classroom gadgets. A student has been hurt


A 17-year-old teenager in Russia was worried that the male guards at the school where she had to take an exam (the equivalent of a baccalaureate in us) forced her to take off her bra. Then, according to the witnesses, the young woman had to go through the metal detector clothed in the transparent blouse she was wearing. Because of the humiliation that has passed, the young woman has been hurt and salvation has to be called.

The young bra included metal and activated the scanner. Such devices are used before the major exams in Russia for students not to introduce clocks, headphones, computers or other gadgets that could help them with exams.

At the same time, students are checked because lately there have been several violent knife attacks in schools.

The incident occurred at School Nr. 10 in the city of Nijnekamsk. The case has given rise to a national scandal. A teacher from that school said students are asked not to wear clothes that include metal before exams.

The Ministry of Education initiated an investigation in this case.

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