Subaru integrates facial recognition aboard its new Forester


Several car manufacturers have just begun to adopt technologies such as capacitive fingerprint sensors, but Subaru already integrates a facial recognition system into the new Forester, which offers some security features as well as comfort options. This technology is called DriverFocus and is available only on the top version, which also benefits from EyeSight, an automatic pilot type, much more limited to what Tesla offers

Subaru presents DriverFocus as a monitoring system that uses facial recognition to detect whether the driver is attentive or tired when driving. Thus, he can alert him when a danger is imminent, since EyeSight provides collision avoidance, grip keeping and warning when the car is out of the way

DriverFocus also offers comfort features such as the recognition of a maximum of five drivers, each of which can record its own seat position settings, optimum climate climate, and proprietary infotainment settings. Such settings are long present on various machine models, but require manual profile selection. Everything is done automatically in the new Subaru Forester.

Of course, other companies use other technologies to ensure road safety, with less advanced solutions being based on driver eye care while driving. Subaru is the first company to incorporate facial recognition and will certainly not be the last one.

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