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SuperCopier is a file copy, moving Free application that can replace this feature of Windows. Its special features are custom settings, customizability.
The software is especially useful for you if you are moving large files, so you can now see spectacularly faster work. After installing SuperCopier you will automatically replace and replace the built-in Windows service. Its specialty lies not only in its speed but also in configuring the process, limiting the speed of copying, and specifying what to do in a given situation. Free version. Themes can be downloaded here . If you are not satisfied with the capabilities of your operating system, there are few options, SuperCopier can be a solution for you. It is only for those who want to target a specific file copy task because of a particular task that they want to do within Windows

With SuperCopier, you can replace the copy function of Windows built-in file with a much more modern, configurable solution with a much faster file move option has the built-in function. Free, in Hungarian.

  • SuperCopier Summary
        • file copy application
        • buffer support
        • controllable copy speed
        • can be configured to work much faster than built-in
        • full version ( Freeware )
        • Official page for

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