Now, about one month after the launch of Apple's new smartphones, we know a lot about the three models the company has been working on in the past year. But there seems to be some details I did not know, Trendforce analysts suggest that the top iPhone models this year will also receive new, completely unexpected features

Conform Trendforce, Apple will use this generation of phones to add new features to its entire range of smartphones in the future. First of all, at least one of the phones will receive support for Apple Pencil, the stylus that has so far only been compatible with iPad tablets. Also, at least one of the devices will receive support for two SIM cards, either eSIM + nano SIM or dual "classic", two physical cards.

Other details that Trendforce reveal are the prices of the phones. The company believes that the 6.1 "screen will cost between $ 699 and $ 749 and will benefit from Face ID, while this will be the only 3GB RAM version, just like the current iPhone X model. The other two models, the 5.8-inch iPhone 5.8-inch successor and the iPhone X Plus will benefit from 4GB of RAM. The lower model price could range somewhere between $ 899 and $ 949 to drop below the $ 1,000 psychological threshold. Last but not least, the top models will also benefit from the 512 GB internal storage option.

These details are not necessarily 100% new, but the support for Apple Pencil is at least strange. Not only are phone screens quite small compared to tablet screens, but Apple Pencil is a great stylus compared to what's already on the market. Apple could launch a newer version of the more compact Pencil for iPhone.

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