Surface Hub 2 from Microsoft wants to change how we work with colleagues


Surface Surface 4, Surface 4 Pro, SurfaceBook and Surface Laptop devices are among the main recommendations for desktop alternatives to Apple's mobile devices. Surface Hub, the huge workspace 4K screen was not so popular, however, Microsoft is delivering such devices (expensive) to about 5,000 customers. The company hopes the new Surface Hub 2 will solve this problem, promising increased versatility and functionality to encourage teamwork

Surface Hub 2 is a 50.5 "screen with unusual 4K + resolution (Microsoft did not communicate the real resolution). It comes in a 3: 2 format, like other devices in the Surface range, being 100% oriented towards collaboration and productivity. It is based on a Windows 10 PC running a changed interface, adapted to wall mode. Surface Hub 2 can be mounted on a wall or on a mobile stand and can be re-oriented at any time from portrait mode to lansdscape thanks to a very advanced support developed with Steelcase

The software adapts the content displayed to the real-time display orientation, an effect I've just seen on Snapchat in the videos recorded with Spectacles glasses. Obviously, the software is integrated with the Teams collaboration software and the Office suite, so collaboration between members of a single shared workspace should be possible without too much hindrance if all employees use software systems Microsoft.

Multiple users can authenticate themselves to Surface Hub 2 simultaneously, changing can be done by simply touching the fingerprint sensor. Microsoft also praises the ability to deliver Skype-based video conversations with people who appear in natural size. Since there is not a larger Surface Hub 2 at the moment, Microsoft offers those who want a little greater the possibility of linking up to four of these devices to each other to display a single continuous image with black edges, of course.

Currently there is no launch date or price, but Microsoft reveals that some companies will be able to test this model this year, and in 2019 it will be available commercially. But surely, each unit will cost a few thousand euros, being a solution dedicated exclusively to companies. That does not mean that someone with enough money will not be able to buy a Surface Hub 2, but probably there are very few scenarios of using a large home screen.

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