Swarm-funded: The Best Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Past Weeks


The principle of crowdfunding

In crowdfunding (crowd = crowd, funding = financing) or swarm financing, developers present their idea on an internet platform. Interested parties can then participate financially in the project - either in the form of donations or by buying and paying directly for the product. After successful financing, production will start.

Matrix Powerwatch

That's what Apple could have come for: You never have to charge the Matrix Powerwatch. It automatically recharges - not by solar energy, but by body heat. This should particularly interest athletes, because the warmer the body becomes, the more energy it generates. Consequently, the Powerwatch is also the only smartwatch with an indicator for the generated energy output. If we were Apple, we would buy up this start-up quickly!

Price: 180 US $
Web: www.powerwatch.com


Apple's AirPod have just opened up the true wireless market. No wonder other manufacturers are trying to optimize their completely wireless headphones. The Air by Crazybaby relies on the highest quality materials: The existing carbon nanotubes in-ear with its 5.2-millimeter drivers to provide the finest sound with a secure fit and highest wearing comfort. The internal microphone is currently equipped with the best sound suppression for telephone calls.

Price: 160 US $
Web: www.crazybaby.com

Coros Omni

Headphones isolate cyclists from their Environment and thus endanger them in traffic. The Omni bike helmet therefore goes new ways: It relies on the sound transmission by bone vibration - the ears thus remain completely free to perceive all sounds as usual. The operation of the smartphone and the acceptance of calls is completely on the handlebars. The self-activating LED illumination at the back of the helmet provides extra security.

Price: 200 US $
Web: www.coros.com

Edge Swim Tracker

There are a lot of fitness trackers, but most of them turn to runners and cyclists. The Edge Swim Tracker specializes - nomen est omen - on swimmers. Once attached to the belt of goggles, the small device measures, for example, swimming, distance, speed and heart rate. The tracker wants to recognize different swimming techniques independently. The iPhone app allows complete analysis after training.

Price: 300 US $
Web: www.phlex.us


Pretty clever: The Lightcam looks like one normal energy saving lamp - but houses an HD camera to monitor about the apartment, the entrance or the garden. Thanks to their E27 standard socket, you can simply turn them into any room or outdoor lamp; additional montages or even holes are eliminated and the monitoring is inconspicuous and discreet - even in the dark. An iPhone app allows you to control on the move.

Price: 180 US $
Web: www.lightcam.com

Modular Mod-1

The team of Modular has compared over 50 headphone models according to own data, in order to unite the best characteristics in a device , The result: the mod-1. The ear pads of the sound-insulating over-ear are interchangeable, the temple perfectly adaptable. The generous transport and operating areas are also convincing. Unique is also the slot for an SD memory card to listen to music regardless of the smartphone.

Price: 150 Euro
Web: modheadphones.com

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