Symfonisk: Ikea and Sonos want sound and design for each

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The Ikea and Sonos working on a joint project was already known. What this is and what the finished product should look like, no one knew yet. Yesterday, the two companies gave a first look at the previous result and a prototype.

The whole thing goes by the name Symfonisk, is a speaker in Swedish design, which should be perfectly integrated into many Ikea furniture and probably has a usual good Sonos sound. The whole thing is supposed to “make sound and design accessible to everyone at home” as Sonos writes in his blog. Therefore, the price is likely to be relatively low, typical of Ikea.

The Symfonisk should be operated both via the Sonor app and the Tradfri app from Ikea. The loudspeaker can then be integrated into both ecosystems and connected to other Sonos loudspeakers as well as controlled via the smart home interface of Ikea. Whether a connection to a smart assistant (for example, Alexa) is planned, there are still no details. Even if support for AirPlay or AirPlay 2 is on board is unknown.

The speaker is expected to be ready for the market in the spring of 2019. And beyond that, Ikea and Sonos want to continue working together, as Björn Block, Business Leader for IKEA Home Smart, announces: “IKEA and Sonos can still learn a lot from each other, and there is still much to discover in terms of music at home”

           Product Note

IKEA TRADFRI set for lighting with motion detector; in white; A +

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