Take selfie with iPhone self-timer – how it works

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So n Use the Self-timer on iPhone for Better Selfies

First, pick up your iPhone and then open the Camera app. These can also be started directly from the lock screen by tapping the camera icon at the bottom right of the screen. Depending on the orientation and device, the position of the self-timer may vary. Touch the icon to view different shutter speeds

You can only choose between two shutter speeds. Of course, “3 s” stands for three seconds, while “10 s” stands for ten seconds. We recommend using the ten-second timer for almost any application, as you will not need to rush or set the timer again because you just made it into the picture.

The trigger time will now be displayed below the self-timer icon and turn yellow. Position your iPhone for recording. Accessories, such as tripods, are especially recommended. Now tap the shutter button. The countdown is counted down at the edge of the screen and the flash lights up every second. As soon as the last three seconds have started, the lightning flashes faster. Your iPhone then takes a picture series and proposes you the best photo from it for your album. You then have the option to choose another photo via the “Select” option in the Photos app.

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