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The Plantronics name is one of the top names in the field of quality headphones, whether we are talking about wired models, Bluetooth wireless models or even gaming models, but the company also offers other types of audio solutions. For example, the Calisto 7200 teleconferencing system is a very exciting product, being a versatile portable multifunction device for your office as well as when you need a portable audio system.


The Plantronics Calisto 7200 is a business-oriented device so the package it comes in does not attract much attention. But once you open the box, you are greeted with a very interesting design, not very complex at first glance, but with elegant and well-defined lines. easily integrated in any type of office, and the fact that we are dealing with a metal construction suggests from the beginning that we have a premium product ahead of us. At the top, the cover is covered with a grid that hides the speaker, the bottom is covered with a gripping surface, and the stylized corner gives access to most capacitive control buttons (volume, call interruption, and mute button). The white bar is not only for design, it is composed of several LEDs, which turn on depending on the volume level, while each button individually illuminates individually.

The volume buttons are always lit in use in white, while the call button is colored green or red, as appropriate, like the "mute" button, which is red when the microphone is turned off and green when it is turned on. The LED bar changes color depending on the case. When the phone sounds green, when it connects to a Bluetooth device it turns blue and when a call is turned red.

On the side can be seen a micro port -USB for uploading and connecting to a computer (more about this on the username) and we can find two physical buttons: one for power off and on, and a Bluetooth wireless sync button with other devices. Also, eight holes, two for each microphone, are disposed on the four sides of the device to capture the sound at 360 degrees

In the package, Plantronics Calisto 7200 includes two USB cables thicker and longer, screwable to ensure a secure connection when connected to a PC in the office and a thinner one for times when the device is used outside the office and for charging . Also, an inbus key is included in the cable screwdriving package, and a textile case is intended for those who will carry this device in the bag. The office cable also includes a security system to prevent theft (probably).

The serious design is a strength of Calisto 7200, clearly defining the target audience. This is a work device that wants to be durable in time, with no complicated or difficult to access features, all that is required being naturally disposed on the casing


Connecting the Calisto 7200 to the devices is simple. For a computer, desktop or laptop, just plug a USB cable into the device and then into the PC. Windows will automatically detect your device, install drivers, and define the Calisto 7200 as a new source or recording source. Thus, Calisto can also become a real office speaker for multimedia content playback.

Plantronics recommends this device for use in conjunction with Skype for Business but it works the same way that it can be used as a microphone for voice recording even outside calls. well with any application that allows making calls. So if you prefer a Discord application, there's no problem.

To connect to a Bluetooth device, just long press on the device, connected a smartphone, tablet or even laptop. And in this case, the Calisto 7200 has the ability to record and play sound. Thus, the device can be easily used as a portable speaker when needed, even if it is not its primary purpose.

When it comes to sound quality, Plantronics does not disappoint . The company has integrated a digital sound processor into this device, along with a powerful speaker for its size. Besides, the fact that we are dealing with a small square box with some space inside and the fact that low frequencies are played properly, the sound being rich and powerful. Listening to music is not at all an unpleasant experience on the Calisto 7200, but its strong point is to provide clear sound in audio calls.

The sound is impressive, a room of normal size, being excellent for use in a small conference room to attend to a few people. 360 degree microphones provide a good voice capture quality around it and the sound processor also has the ability to eliminate echoes to deliver a much clearer sound. Microphones are recommended for use from up to 3 meters, so enough to cover a whole meal in a conference room in an office.

When it comes to its use in portable mode, we have to do with approximately 6-6.5 hours of use at an average volume, and water and dust resistance to IP64 standard . This provides protection against dust infiltration inside the enclosure and basic water spray protection, so it will most likely survive a glass of water spilled on the desk or a cup of coffee. Calisto 7200 is not recommended for diving or listening to music in the pool.


The Calisto 7200 is a very exciting product, both outside and outside. Even if it is a great product for teleconferencing, it can be used as a portable speaker, making its high price easier to support. However, if we consider that we are dealing with a premium design, advanced office and hardware features with four 360 degree microphones and a high-quality speaker, it is understandable why such a device costs

Plantronics has developed a dedicated tool for business users, who will surely justify their investment once it is put into operation

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