Tesla, the historic household appliance brand, returns to Romania

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Before being associated with the supply of electric vehicles with the same name owned by billionaire Elon Musk, the Tesla brand, currently owned and distributed by Comtrade Distribution, was known to Romanians for the supply of home appliances produced in the former Czechoslovakia (19459004)

The Tesla brand reborn in 2014 under the protection of Comtrade Distribution, the first model produced under the Communist regime this brand being a tablet. At present, under the umbrella of the Tesla brand, there are 4 product categories, namely tablets, smartphones, TVs and conditional aerials. The main objective of the company by the end of the year is to expand the portfolio with other products in the category of large appliances: refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers.

Starting with the second half of 2018, the Tesla brand launched in our country two product categories: air conditioners and TVs, and in the coming period our mobile phones and large appliances will be introduced in our market.

With regard to televisions, the brand vision is to provide entertainment quality at a reasonable price. The Tesla models offer 3 years of warranty, A + quality panels, high contrast, versatile design and attractive price.

The Tela TVs are divided into 3 series, namely: Series 3, Series 6 and Series 9, their names reminiscent of their favorite numbers

Series 3, the Tesla entry level range, contains models with FHD resolutions and A + class LCD panel, a quality picture and a lack of dead pixels, a very important aspect of an LED panel. From the perspective of the features, we can find a USB media player capable of playing almost all video formats (including MKV), PVR options for recording on external devices, HDMI ports for connecting the console or laptop

Tesla Series 6 TVs allow you to browse the Internet and view YouTube video content, access to Social Media accounts and games. All models of the series have an ultra HD screen, 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels), and a smart Opera operating system with preinstalled Facebook and Youtube applications

The 9 Series, Tesla's range of TVs, are equipped with Google Android TV , serving as a giant replacement for a tablet or smartphone, with access to all the features offered by Android and the Google Play store. The operating system allows you to install and run games using the built-in bluetooth remote control, allowing you, among other things, a voice control of the TV, including the Romanian language. Your TVs include built-in Chromecast support that lets you view multimedia content on your smartphone or tablet

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