Tesla will no longer offer free internet in the car for new customers


Tesla has long announced that in 2018 it will start to charge internet access in its cars, but it has just now confirmed the date customers will begin to pay. Fortunately for those who have already ordered a Tesla before the deadline, Internet access remains free. This does not mean that the vital functions of the machine that are Internet-dependent will be deactivated, but on the contrary, they will still work, even without the data package

Tesla Model 3 cars to be ordered from July 1, 2018 will receive access only to the "Standard Conectivity" package that provides traffic information navigation, car software updates that provide driving safety and access to Supercharger functionality, which shows in real time the state of charge of the machine over the Internet. What will no longer be possible is the use of satellite imagery navigation, detailed traffic information, web browser, music streaming and other less important software updates

To access the Premium Connectivity package, Tesla customers who buy Model 3 will have to pay $ 100 a year. Those who choose the Premium Interior package also get a free internet year in the car. Of course, customers who choose Model S or Model X still enjoy free and unlimited internet

This is not the first time that Tesla cancels some benefits for new customers, and in the past has announced charging charges to the Supercharger network for those who buy new cars. For those worried about the lack of updates or features, Tesla Model 3 has recently been able to connect to Wi-Fi networks, so everything included in the Premium Connectivity package can also be achieved through a hotspot on a smartphone or a smartphone portable router

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