Test: Artwizz TPU Card Case for iPhone with Card Compartment

It's still cold outside, but spring and summer will come. And if you're just out with shorts and a breezy shirt, you'll long for a cell phone case that will save you the awkward, uncomfortably thick wallet. And if you take a closer look, such a purification is a nice thing even in winter. Appearance: The TPU Card Case by Artwizz.

Robust Lightweight

The first thing you notice about the slim and extremely lightweight iPhone case is how pleasant it feels. The soft TPU fits well in the hand, is sturdy and protects the smartphone from bumps, scratches and unsightly signs of wear. The front of the screen is framed by a glossy frame that protrudes slightly beyond the edge, so that the display is protected from damage when it is placed directly against it. The back of the matte black case is classic and simple, only a cut triangle can be seen. This, in turn, has its purpose, for its function gives the protective cover its name.

Everything here

Exactly at this point a very good one becomes a special case. The cuts are the simplest version of a card slot where you can quickly and easily insert and extract your most important card - travel ticket, ID card, driver's license, fitness card. Even if the manufacturer officially only one card is provided: We have tried the case with two cards and three bank notes and found that even with such luggage wonderfully fulfills its function. Whether with a badge or something more, in the TPU Card Case sit all cards and bills firmly, do not fall out and at the same time reduce in any way the protective function. Even a test in the gym showed that you can easily open doors and cabinets with the card case or to close without having to take the membership card from the shell. Only the use of a debit / credit card with the TPU Card Case was not recommended by Artwizz, as there is a risk that the magnetic stripe could be demagnetized by the proximity of the iPhone and its static stray field. So if you do not want to risk it, you should better use banknotes. These fit easily into the case.

Conclusion: The TPU Card Case by Artwizz can claim to be a multi-talent. Simple, effective, handy and sturdy, it offers everything you would want from a smartphone case. And if you can reduce yourself to the essential card (s) for everyday life or a special trip, you get a lot of freedom of movement.

The TPU Card Case is in the Artwizz online shop for 19, 99 Euro for the iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus and for the iPhone 7/7 Plus available.


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