Test bags and backpacks for everyday use with technology

Everyone has their own claims to the perfect bag or the best possible backpack. By way of example, we have examined eight bags from four categories for their abilities and present their most important characteristics.

Small and handy

If you already have the right backpack, you only need a bag in the bag Bag for cables or accessories such as batteries and adapters, the Cable Sleeve (24.99 Euro) or the Neoprene Sleeve (29.99 Euro) from Artwizz are ideal. Outside of neoprene and inside of faux fur, they not only feel pleasantly soft, but protect even sensitive equipment from scratches during transport. Both bags are available in a variety of colors, and the Neoprene Sleeve is available in a wide range of sizes to suit the iPad and MacBook models.

Not everyone needs a 30-liter backpack for the trails of the day. Moshis Tego Crossbody Shoulder Bag (124,95 Euro) looks stylish futuristic and despite its sleek appearance, it holds tablets up to a size of 10.5 inches as well as everyday items such as umbrella, water bottle or various tech accessories. Hidden zippers against theft and RFID protection complete the overall impression.

Versatile and versatile

The Citadel Modular Pack by Black Ember is not exactly cheap with 255 Euro, but it offers the owner a lot. Padded straps, waterproof materials, as well as a system that uses magnets on the back and on the edges for expandability with smaller additional pockets. Inside there is plenty of space for large and smaller compartments provide space for accessories.

Cheaper, but no less powerful is the Eco BackPack by Artwizz (99.99 euros). The stylish simple backpack can also be used as a carrying case and holds with 22 liters of 15-inch MacBook to documents and technology accessories everything you need in the office, but also beyond in everyday life. Various inner and outer compartments provide flexibility and quick access, details such as magnets in the carrying handle also make good mood. In addition, the Eco BackPack protects the environment: fabric and straps of the bag are made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

We are in the business

For certain occasions and dates it must sometimes be something serious. Also in this category, Artwizz has two candidates in the range, which are recommended, depending on which devices you carry with you. The Leather Pouch (19.99 Euro) offers customized space for various iPad models. The Leather Bag (from 89.99 euros), however, is the larger version with carrying handle, which is available in versions for a 13 inch and a 15 inch MacBook. Both leather bags have a material mix of 70% silk on the inside and ensure that your technique stays beautiful for a long time. Outside they have an extra compartment for necessary cables and adapters as well as other accessories.

The somewhat more academic-looking variant of the leather bag comes from Buckle & Seam and is called Messenger Bag Sierra (265 Euro). With this you can choose the pattern of the lining, there is a carrying strap and plenty of space inside for books and documents as well as a 15 inch MacBook. Again, you do good at the acquisition, as with each purchase a girl training program in Karachi is supported.

Safe Number

There are also special bags for very special requirements. If you are in wet conditions or on vacation rely on your MacBook remains dry, we recommend the Drycase by Subtech (49.99 euros). The extremely slim and completely waterproof laptop case is available for the MacBook models 13 and 15 inches. You do not even have to get the laptop out of here because it opens with the case. Even a transport in the rowboat is therefore no risk.

Solgaard’s Hustle Backpack (95 Euro) in turn secures you in various ways. It can be completed with a combination lock and even includes a solar battery. This means you do not have to worry that your smartphone or tablet will run out at the crucial moment. A USB power connector is located at the bottom of the harness, ensuring juice for your device while running.

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