Test Bowers & Wilkins PX: our opinion

If Bowers & Wilkins had already released several wireless headphones in the past, this PX is the first model to combine Bluetooth and active noise reduction. He competes with QuietComfort 35 II of Bose and the WH-1000XM2 of Sony. The PX is a bit more expensive (399 euros) than these two models and overall not so good. But it still has serious assets that make it a valid alternative. 19459005 19459002 The first of these is design. Available in two colors (sidereal gray and light gold), it takes the elegant and sophisticated style of the brand, with metal parts and ballistic nylon around the headphones. The result is superb to watch in addition to being robust.

We also liked the elliptical memory foam earbuds magnetically attached and that can be replaced (the price of these accessories has not yet been communicated). With 336 grams, the PX is comfortable to wear, but not as much as the Bose (236 gr) or the Sony (272 gr). The difference in weight is felt during prolonged use.

Like previous models of the brand, the PX is supplied with a carrying pouch and a cable for wired listening. It is recharged via USB-C and its autonomy is given for 22 hours in Bluetooth connection and noise reduction activated. Be aware that the battery is not removable. Autonomy is not among the best in the category but it remains in the top of the basket.

Regarding the ergonomics, we appreciated that the central multifunction button on the earpiece is a little more prominent than the volume buttons because it facilitates blind use.

Active noise reduction provides three modes

Overall, it can be said that B & W's adaptive noise reduction system is not as effective and powerful as those of Sony, Beats and Bose headsets. However, there are three possible modes adjustable from the mobile application (Android and iOS): office, city and plane. It is possible to cut the noise reduction to obtain the best audio quality, either from the application or via the button on the right earpiece. You can also adjust the level of ambient sound that the headset lets filter, for example to better hear the people who speak to us. B & W has also indicated that it will add features during future software updates.

Another advantage to the PX is its automatic playback / pause system. If, for example, one of the headphones is lifted, the music is suspended and resumed when it is put back on the ear. It works very well. The Bluetooth connection is also very solid and the built-in microphone gives good results for hands-free calls.

The same speakers as those of the P9

The oriented speakers of the PX are the same as those of the high-end model P9. We found that the sound was rather open for a circum-aural headset, with a rendering both clear and natural. The bass is deep but not super punchy or extremely well defined. You feel a certain warmth that takes away a little dynamism, but it is not necessarily a defect according to his personal taste. The audio profile is fixed, the application does not offer an equalizer.

It is important to emphasize that with all these high-end noise-canceling wireless headphones it is not possible to match the audio quality of a wired headset at the same price or even cheaper. That said, the PX is comfortable among its competitors. It is undoubtedly the Sony WH-1000XM2 which it is the closest for its warm side. And if you know and appreciate the sound of the previous wireless B & W, the P5 and P7, you'll love the PX.

The only disadvantages of this headset are its weight, which can also be attributed to the quality of manufacture, and the fact that the noise reduction is not at the level of that of the Bose, Beats and Sony . But the PX is no less an excellent product, especially for fans of the brand who prefer a warm sound.


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