Test: Siri on the Homepod is not very smart

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Apple’s voice assistant Siri can not do everything on the HomePod on iPhone or iPad. In a test, the system was able to answer only 52.3 percent of queries correctly. Google Home, Alexa and Cortana Fought Better.

Loup Ventures has the AI ​​Assistant in the While Siri understood 99.4 percent of inquiries, but answered 52.3 percent correctly, 782 questions were asked.

In comparison According to Loup Ventures, HomePod is “at the bottom end” of earlier tests with other smart speakers, Google Home responded 81 percent correctly, Amazon’s Alexa responded correctly in 64 percent of the cases, and Microsoft’s Cortana responded well in 57 percent of requests.

The testers have further broken down these results and explained that Siri is good for “local” and “commercial” requests. So the user can look good for a nearby cafe or help with the purchase of new shoes. In this area, Siri beats Alexa and Cortana, but still remains behind the Google Assistant on Google Home.

The researchers said that the HomePod and Siri must improve over time to the level of competing wizards to excel. In particular, the areas Calendar, E-Mail, Calls and Navigation should be added, which are currently not supported. The HomePod answers this question in the following way: “I can not ___ on HomePod. If you remove all navigation, call, e-mail and calendar-related inquiries when testing Loup Ventures, Siri was able to get 67 percent of all questions on the HomePod answer correctly, but Google Home is still far ahead.

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