Tested for durability, the HTC U12 + range tip reveals a possible design error


Following the criticism of the HTC U11 predecessor, the Taiwanese company has made considerable efforts to make the HTC U12 + a more durable product, largely correcting the shortcomings of the previous model. But the new carcass design seems to have introduced a new problem, which remains unresolved in the HTC's internal reliability tests

Protected with a Gorilla Glass 5 shield attached to the metal body of the phone using semi-rigid material, the HTC U12 + screen does not scratch the contact with sharp objects and will not break too easily if we put the phone in the pocket at the back of your pants. Even though bending can take permanent deformations when a sufficiently large force is applied, the casing made on the metal chassis is not easily broken and can be brought to the initial form by applying a similar force in the opposite direction

It's unclear whether HTC engineers have deliberately left this vulnerability, but the adhesive used to fix the glass cover attached to the back of the phone keeps crashing if the chassis chassis is bent enough. Adhesive separation may prevent cracking of the glass panel, thus avoiding costly repair.

While the glass surfaces are well protected against scratches, the same can not be said about the side of the metal-coated carcass painted by the anodizing process. Asphalt falls or occasional contact with sharp objects can leave deep scratches, exposing the metallic gloss. But more problematic could be physical buttons on the side. Also made of metal, they are applied by gluing plastic contacts and not supported on the inside of the metal frame of the casing. Abused enough, they can detach, leaving the mobile phone practically unusable.

The fact is, despite the shortcomings found, the HTC U12 + is much better built than the predecessor HTC U11. As with other flagship models, the pepper price does not guarantee an indestructible construction, but only that any repairs will have a cost proportional to the price of the phone. Under these circumstances, the purchase together with a quality protection pouch is the only effective measure to protect the investment made.

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