TestFlight Public Link to Provide Easy App Beta Testing

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With “TestFlight Public Link” Apple claims to simplify the invitation procedure for developers significantly. If a developer currently wants to invite users to pre-scan a new app or app version, then this happens manually. To do this, the developer must enter the e-mail address of each participant in order to invite them. Especially with many testers, this can degenerate into an extensive work. With the feature Public Link Apple wants to greatly reduce the extra effort.

The new feature allows developers to create a unique URL that they share with the beta testers. The created URL is a kind of “open invitation” for the beta version of an app. If a user opens the TestFlight public link, it will be redirected directly to the App’s TestFlight page to download the beta.

Creating the link is easy via App Store Connect. There you can also choose which build the testers should receive. For updates, new builds can be easily added via the tool. At the same time, Public Link supports up to 10,000 testers, which of course can limit developers to a smaller number. In addition, groups can be created that receive other builds, for example. The new App Store Connect API also allows adding and removing testers and managing public links.

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