That went fast: iOS 12 Beta is already here

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Apple’s new iOS 12 can be found in the Beta 1 has already been downloaded by paying developers and installed on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch, running on any device that has iOS 11 installed iebssystem is not as heavily interspersed with innovations as its predecessor, but should react much faster.

Of course, Apple has already made a few improvements. With ARKit 2.0, there are new augmented reality features that allow two users to play with their iPhones and iPads in the same AR world, for example. In addition, the file format USDZ has been developed, which can store AR scenes. If you want, you can edit or create AR scenes in 3D applications, for example, from Autodesk or Adobe Photoshop. Even on the Web, this format can be used, which could offer completely new online shopping opportunities.

Apple’s new Measure app is a kind of AR ruler that can be used to measure real objects. Such apps were previously available from third parties, but now Apple itself has recognized the benefits. ARKit 2.0 is designed to better recognize faces and 3D objects.

The iOS 12 photos app has been significantly improved in terms of search capabilities and now offers search suggestions based on automatically detected objects, people, and scenes , If you want, you can use artificial intelligence when sharing photos with friends. This will automatically suggest sharing photos that share the sharing partners.

The Siri shortcut feature allows users to teach the voice assistant their own commands, for example, to drive apps. There is also a gallery of ready-made commands that users can download and use. Automation seems to come from the App Workflow, which Apple has adopted and expanded.

Apple has also integrated the news app into the share app, adapted the voice memos app to the iPad, and renamed the book app iBooks with Apple Books a new name and new features. CarPlay now also supports third-party navigation apps.

The do-not-disturb feature has been enhanced and can be turned on or off when entering or leaving a location. Notifications are grouped together and provide the ability to interact without having to open the app from which they originate. However, the feature must support app developers.

Screen Time is designed to help users understand how long they use certain apps every day and when. The feature can also be used by parents to control their children’s app consumption.

Once again, the Animojis library on the iPhone X has been expanded with new characters. This time it’s a ghost, a koala, a tiger and a T-Rex. Also new is the ability to create your own Animoji, where the user can use numerous personalization options to design his avatar. Animojis can also be used in Facetime and the camera app.

FaceTime now supports group chats for up to 32 people in iOS 12, with the app recognizing who is speaking and whose image is coming to the fore.

The iOS 12 should appear in the fall of 2018. Developer version Beta 1 is now available to users with matching profiles on their devices. When the public beta appears is not yet known.

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