The absurd rules on the technology that a man has imposed on his lover

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Cory and Elizabeth are a less common dome. She has to follow a set of strict rules established by the man, which does not apply to him as well. Besides not being allowed to see and talk to any other man, Elizabeth has to adhere to other rules, including some of the technology. Here are some examples:

– She is not allowed to write on social networks about her relationship.

– He is not allowed to talk to men on the internet.

– All of her online account authentication data needs to be known to Cory.

– He frequently checks his phone, email, and accounts on social networks.

– She is not allowed to know his passwords, nor to ask for his salary.

– Online shopping must be approved by Cory.

The man does not find it strange how he controls his partner's life. "I am the king. It's my castle. If you want to be my queen you have to follow the king, "he said in a show.

The two have a child together.

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