The Apple Design Awards 2018 will go to …

These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2018:


Agenda is a time-based note app for iOS and macOS that helps you plan and document projects. With its unparalleled timeline, Agenda provides you with a complete overview of the past, present and future to advance your project.

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Agenda - A new take on notes

Developer: Momenta BV


BANDIMAL is a fun and intuitive tool that allows children to create their first compositions and discover the creative world of music. Create a drum track, mix bass drum, snare and percussion from multiple patterns; write melodies and recurring motifs; change the speed of the motifs and add a quirky effect

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Developer: YATATOY Oy

Calzy 3:

Calzy 3 is an aesthetic pocket calculator for everyday use. One of its unique features is the "memory area" - where you can store multiple numeric values ​​and reuse them with simple drag-and-drop. It is equipped with the latest iOS technologies such as Drag & Drop (iPhone & iPad), 3D Touch, Face ID and much more

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Calzy 3

Developer: Raja V

iTranslate Converse:

Transform your iPhone into a translation device!

Introducing iTranslate Converse, a revolutionary new language translation app. Speak directly into the microphone of your iPhone and get much better results and a more natural conversation experience. It literally turns your iPhone into the first true translation device.

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iTranslate Converse

Developer: iTranslate GmbH


Florence is an interactive picture book by Monument Valley's award-winning chief designer about the heart-rending heights and heartbreaking depths of a young woman's first love.

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Developer: Annapurna Games, LLC

Playdead's INSIDE:

Decrypting the game is not an easy task - it feels like a metaphor. Is it a commentary on the fragile nature of trust and interpersonal relationships? Or a snappy criticism of our blind obedience to authorities? Or is it just strange? Even so, INSIDE is a great adventure with rising bizarre encounters that are a mix of action with clever puzzles. The game is not meant to be fully understood. It was created for the experience.

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Playdead's INSIDE

Developer: LIMBO ApS / Playdead ApS

Alto's Odyssey:

Just beyond the horizon is a majestic desert, vast and unexplored.

Join Alto and his friends and embark on an endless sandboarding journey to discover their secrets. Glide over wind-swept dunes, cross breathtaking gorges and discover eternally hidden temple cities in a fantastic location, far from home.

On your way, you graze vineyards, jump on hot-air balloons, travel on high cliffs, and escape wicked ones Lemurs as you discover the many secrets of the desert.

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Alto's Odyssey

Developer: Snowman


FROST is an emotionally charged adventure through a dream world.

Draw paths to lead the small, swarming spirits to their home planet. See how countless miraculous creatures arise from light, bring balance into an ever-changing world, and discover their secrets.

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Developer: kunabi brother GmbH


Oddmar leads a laborious life in his village and is not worthy of a place in Walhalla. The other Vikings avoid him, and Oddmar finally wants to make more of his life. One day he has a chance to prove himself, but not without compensation ...

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The winners of the Apple Design Award will receive an aluminum cube trophy and an extensive package comprised of numerous Apple products:

  • 5K iMac Pro
  • 15 inch MacBook Pro
  • 256GB iPhone X
  • 512GB iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
  • 4K Apple TV
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • AirPods

For the full video of this year's awards, visit Apple's Developer Portal (LINK).

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