The Apple Watch S2 battery warranty has been extended

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One year ago, Apple announced the extension of the warranty period for Apple's first battery-powered devices. This was extended up to three years from the time of purchase, the reason being a high number of problems with the swelling of the batteries or even the refusal to start the devices. Now, Apple seems to apply this policy to the Apple Watch S2 (Series 2), even if it has not officially announced it yet

According to MacRumors, an Apple internal document specifies that all Apple Watch S2 devices will receive free battery replacement service for three years from the time of purchase. This repair program only applies to the 42mm model and applies only to batteries and not to other defects. It seems that the problem of battery swelling has not disappeared, probably caused by one of the partners delivering components to Apple

All 42mm Apple Watch S2 models are covered, whether we're talking about the cheapest model, Sport, or more expensive models such as Edition, Hermes, or Nike +. In order to benefit from a free replacement of the battery, the watch should not be subject to mechanical shock. At the moment, the Apple Watch S3 does not benefit from such free battery repair, suggesting that the problem may have been resolved at the production level in the meantime

At this point, Apple Watch is the best-selling smart watch on the market, putting Apple even on top of the world's best-selling watches brands. This fall is expected to launch the fourth generation of Apple Watch, which could come with larger displays based on Micro-LED technology

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