The "base plate" visible through the transparent Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Explorer is just a design artwork

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Xiaomi introduced the top model Mi 8 Explorer Edition at the May event, where it claimed that the transparent design of the phone provides an overview of the interior of the phone. At that time, many industry voices said that the visible motherboard does not seem to be connected to real components, especially because there is no cooling solution for such a powerful chipset. Now we have the final answer: the visible components are of form, attached to a non-functional base plate.

It was not even hard to guess that those components were not true , since their layout was not very meaningful in terms of efficiency, in addition to the fact that they were not protected by metallic "shields" for the dissipation of heat. Also, Xiaomi representatives were very vague in their speech when they answered the questions, claiming, however, that they were real components.

Since the phone is just starting out in China, I could not see yet what finds himself inside but Chengming Alpert, who suggested and at the time of presentation that those components are not real, managed to get hold of a component of a phone that reveals the truth. This component is purely cosmetic and does not even seem to be a real baseboard. We are talking about a black plate on which beautiful components were placed that we normally find on a motherboard, but they are too nicely ordered for a real use case.

Moreover, the places where the Snapdragon 845 processor and the rest of the chips such as NAND memory should not have solder contacts and the board is completely free of contacts for the rest of components such as display , camera, microphones, antennas, etc.

We can not deny that the Xiaomi phone looks impressive with its transparent back and an overview of what to be real components, but the truth is that the inside of the phones is not exactly eye-catching. Most of the components are protected to be more efficient and to be protected from water contact, while their seating on the base plate is optimized for efficiency and reduced size, and not for beautiful design

Probably these situations and investigations could have been avoided if Xiaomi had said from the beginning that it was just a design artifice

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