The Best Additions to the News App on the iPhone

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For many users, chat programs or messengers are among the most important apps on their smartphones. Meanwhile, these are even firmly anchored in many parts of everyday life: Who is prevented, informs the sports friends by short message, carpools coordinate in the group chat and overzealous witnesses keep the wedding guests months before the celebration of things to be kept up to date. While many users use social networking sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram as a mere gossip, they are much more active in using chat programs.

No doubt: Apple’s competitor in the chat market, mainly Whatsapp and Facebook in this country -Messenger, have larger numbers of users. The main reason is that these apps work cross-platform and are not limited to the Apple ecosystem. There were rumors several times, Apple wanted to extend its chat service on Android devices. But after all, iMessage is too important a unique selling proposition and thus an important reason for buying an iPhone and iPad: If the entire family or friends already communicate with Apple devices using the news app, there is hardly a way around an Apple device when buying new ones. Like the competition, Apple is constantly expanding its chat app with new features. Meanwhile, users can call each other for free (picture) phone, send photos, videos and short voice messages and keep up to date on where others are currently. Pre-installed effects let you capture text messages – and the digital touch feature lets users send hand-drawn animations. However, the biggest potential of Apple’s service lies in the extensions produced by independent developers. Often, message extensions are part of regular apps and install themselves automatically and unnoticed.

The own sticker pack in the App Store

Apple put together everything worth knowing about this topic on a website. In addition to the illustrations, only the free Mac software Xcode is required.

If that’s too much trouble for you, you can also create your own personal stickers using an app. This is possible with the free news extension Animated Stickers by Stickit. This makes photos and pictures stickers, which are then available in the news app.

Install extensions

Stand-alone extensions that do not require an iOS app are the exception. A special case are sticker extensions, which usually nest themselves directly into the news app without an app on the home screen. To install a stand-alone extension, you proceed as with regular apps, but takes the way through the App Store for iMessage. This opens up when you switch to an existing conversation in the News app and tap the blue button with the stylized “A” to the right of the input window. A big blue banner with the “Store” button shows the way. In the App Store you can browse the editorial edited offer, browse it or orient itself to popular trends. After loading, the app appears in a symbol ribbon, which is located below the blue App Store banner. To use an extension, just tap its icon.

Chat giant with over 900 million active users

In this country Whatsapp, the Facebook Messenger and Apple’s news app are the chat applications of choice, it is in the People’s Republic of China Weixin – better known as Wechat. The exchange of text and voice messages is now only a minor function. Even on street markets, more than 960 million monthly active users can now pay with Wechat, catch up on rental bikes in major cities and order private taxis. Shopping and booking services is also possible with Wechat; For many Chinese Wechat is now synonymous with the operating system of their smartphone.

Manage extensions

Apple has already pre-installed three extensions (History, Digital Touch, and Music) in the News app. To change the order of the active extensions, hold the respective symbol and drag it to the desired position. With the “More” button with the three dots at the end of the symbol band you get to settings. Here you can hide unpleasant extensions, estimate the favorites and change the order comfortable. While the extensions installed with apps disappear after the application is removed, tidying up the dedicated extensions is a bit more demanding. Before deleting, you must activate the corresponding extension, but it must not be assigned to the favorites. Then wipe on the administration screen to the right over the app, whereupon the possibility to delete appears. However, it is not possible to delete extensions as long as the associated app is installed.

iTranslate: Translation Tool

Those who count acquaintances from other languages ​​as friends can use multilingual conversations simplify this extension. The message extension is able to translate input from multiple languages ​​into others. To do this, you select source and target language in the extension. It then displays an alternative keyboard; After entering the text and a hint on the green arrow key, the other party receives the text in the original and the translation. The icing on the cake is the ability to color-match the appearance of the extension.

Copied: Clipboard
The Copied clipboard tool, also available on the Mac, is one of the most useful apps for power users. It stores images, text and links from the clipboard and keeps them ready for later use. Copied’s news extension is limited to keeping copied images. This shows the app either in small or large preview views. If you use the list function, you can create a personal sticker pack from the copied pictures with a little preparation, without having to search for graphics.

Doodle: Find dates
More than Two people have to find a date together, it is exhausting. The Doodle web service is a proven tool to simplify scheduling. The News Extension offers voting templates for popular events, for example, the next weekend or the weekend after.
Alternatively, you can freely choose dates and submit them to the chat members. These then individually decide on one or more appointments without the need to register with the supplier.

Airmail: E-Mail Bridge
The Apple Design Award-winning alternative to Apple’s Standard e-mail program offers so many functions and setting screws that you first have to get used to it. But then Airmail is worth gold for Vielmailer. The message extension accesses the database of the application and provides all e-mail attachments that can be inserted into a chat with a tip. Optionally, you can sort them by date or comb the indexed inventory of the search function to find important things faster.


Blackjack Buddies
Blackjack Buddies requires two players to play cards lay out a 5-by-5-field board. The goal is to achieve a score of 21 in a row or column. The more cards used, the higher the reward for each move. In practice, the title automatically indicates how high the sum of the cards in a row or line is.

Cobi Arrows, Darts & Shoot
Cobra Mobile has entertaining sports games on offer. The first player tries to score as many points as possible with bow and arrow, barbeque or clay pigeon shooting. The result goes to the chat partner, who should surpass it. Since you do not have to react immediately, there is no stress.

Mini Golf Battle
More than 30 courses with sand bunkers, water holes and slanted tricks like acceleration stripes, players have to maneuver golf balls. With the noble restraint of golf, it is not far away. One is free to sideline the opponent’s ball with attempts to make the game difficult for one another.

This app brings the game of kings in the news app – and only in the news app. There is no own bootable application. After each move, a picture of the current situation on the board is sent to the game partner and he is asked to pull. “Checkmate!” Allows you to play parallel games and customize the color scheme of the board.

Sticker Packs

Pixel World Stickers
The developers of Iconfactory have not only with Twitterrific a name, also numerous well-known program symbols originate from them. The size of their sticker pack surpasses all expectations, because it contains more than 100 tastefully designed graphics in pixel appearance. Pixel by pixel lovingly crafted by hand.

Permanent Marker Stickers
The sticker pack contains dozens of graffiti in felt-pen style. Overall, one can represent the doodles in eight shades. In addition to the crossovers, the Sticker Pack also features arrows and circles to highlight certain contributions, as well as a handful of facial features drawn in thick strokes.

The New Yorker Today
Illustrator’s pictograms are included and author Christoph Niemann, who regularly contributes cartoons to the US magazine The New Yorker. Scarce in scope with twelve stickers, they are animated, lavishly minimalist in style and lend themselves well to convey a variety of everyday emotions.

Meme Faces
Memes are Internet phenomena – stories, pictures or drawings that spread so that almost everyone has seen them. This package collects the most famous viral drawings, including the Trollface / Coolface, the “Rage Guy” and the rainbow-spewing computer user who symbolizes immeasurable bewilderment among the initiated.

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