The best antivirus 2017: how to choose?


(Updated 14/12/2017) The role of today's antivirus is no longer confined to the detection of viruses. They evolve by being equipped with functionalities adapted to the Internet and the uses of the moment, thus trying to follow the evolution of the threats in order to better protect the user and its system.

The best antivirus

The ranking of August 2017 of the AV Comparative site gives this result (see below for more information).

  • Panda
  • Tencent
  • Bitdefender
  • Trend Micro

We could reduce the subject to this list but it would be a bit misleading without explanation. Indeed there is not a single "best antivirus" but antivirus more or less adapted to each user. Some will be content with the one delivered with their system or free alternative version if they feel able to identify the pitfalls of malware. Others will prefer to have a little more assistance or will simply need products adapted to their uses.

There are indeed variations of security software that contain an antivirus and many other protection options: advanced fire, parental control, link verification, protection of Wi-Fi connections, VPN private network, etc. Some even have configuration options to allow the user to maintain the system, update software or be discreet when using a software or game.

The Av-Comparative test and classification

It is therefore difficult to state that an antivirus is better than another. Only the user can sort the functions but also know his preference for the different interfaces. All the publishers of security suites offer fortunately to test for free for thirty days their paid products.

However, we must start with something and the test "Real World protection", the specialized site AV Comparative publishes several times by year, can already give us some indications. More complex than the only analysis of a sample of viruses, this test tries to put the software in situations close to those that will meet the user: malicious sites, software flaws, links to malware etc …

Best Antivirus
Publisher Version Lockdown rate False positive
Panda software Panda Free Antivirus 18.3 100%
All rights reserved. ] Tencent Tencent PC manager 12.3 100%
VIPRE VIP Internet Security Pro 10.1 100% 0
Bitdefender Bitdefender
Internet Security 22.0
100% 1
Micro Trend Trend Micro Internet Security 12.0 100% 4

In the graph published on their site, they indicate the rate of detection of the threats (green), the number of times the user is asked (yellow) or what is passed through mesh (red). At the bottom the line indicates the number of false positives of the software, that is to say if it sometimes blocks legitimate contents without reason.

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<p> As the threats evolve, so are the test results, and those of August of 2017, Here are those who have obtained the best results.  </p>
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The Panda publisher is known for its paid solutions but few Internet users know that it also offers a free version. It ranks well in this test with no fault both in terms of detection and false positives. The interface is close to the Windows 8 and 10 menu tiles.

Download the trial version
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 Vipre Antivirus "align =" left "width =" 300 "vspace =" 5 "hspace =" 10 "height =" 215 "/> Tencent PC Manager <br /> </h2>
<p> Tencent is offered by an Asian company that develops several software and services. position with a faultless detection and false positives thanks to the Bitdefender engine that it integrates.A book for the curious and those ready to use an antivirus in English. </p>
<p> Download the antivirus </p>
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Fifth in the selection, it blocks 100% of threats, Trend Micro Internet Security offers effective protection. However, there will be more false positives than the competition but many features are on the menu.

Download Trend Micro Internet Security 2016
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Other software that is not in the list are not to be dismissed. The AV-Comparative page offering the graphic is updated regularly and the version tested is indicated on mouse over. Feel free to test using the trial versions and share your opinion in comment.


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