The Best Browser Extensions: Aurora, Currently, Autopagerize and Smoothscroll

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Plug-ins, Extensions , Add-ons: Web browsers get many new features through extensions. We regularly introduce you to the most useful, fun, or just the funniest add-on tools for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. This month, these are “Aurora”, “Currently”, “Autopagerize” and “Smoothscroll”.

Thomas Raukamp

“Most browser extensions are available for the Chrome web browser. Incidentally, they can generally be used under Vivaldi as well: The classy browser, bristling with features, cleverly uses the same engine with Blink. ”

New Tabs for Chrome

Chrome is sleek and fast – but the homepage has not been an eye-catcher for years. As a result, the Chrome Web Store has several new tab pages that replace the default page each time you open a new tab. For example, Aurora New Tab has been particularly successful: The extension imports the daily changing photo of the Bing web search into the new tab and offers many extra functions – such as a notebook, a task manager, a bookmark manager and a launchpad of the installed Chrome apps.

If you like it more minimalist, you can access Currently, which displays the time in addition to the obligatory location-dependent weather indicator. The color selection is personalized with just a few mouse clicks.

Two design approaches, one goal: Aurora and Currently redesign the tab pages.

Availability: Chrome

Car storage

Somehow stupid, right? If you scroll through search results on Google, Ebay or Amazon, these are usually divided into pages between which you have to scroll back and forth. Autopagerize provides an endless scrolling function: From multiple pages is thus an infinite. However, the extension does not let you go without orientation: At the beginning of an originally new page, Autopagerize places a break line. Especially recommended for owners of mice with scroll wheel!

Autopagerize transforms multiple pages of a web page into an endless one.

Availability: Chrome, Firefox, Safari


Scrolling Second : This is often solved in the web browser hard and inelegant. Smoothscroll makes web pages “softer” through the window: In a settings page, you can set the grid and the animation speed yourself, or select an iPhone profile that brings the scrolling behavior of Apple’s smartphone onto the web browser. For those who want to enjoy this elegance system-wide, a complete Mac app is now available, including, for example, Finder windows.

Smoothscroll depicts the buttery scrolling behavior of the iPhone on the Chrome web browser.

Availability: Chrome

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