The best (really) wireless headphones of 2017


For many, the future is wireless audio side. If the first headsets and earphones of the genre degraded the sound a lot and suffered regular interference, advances in the Bluetooth protocol can now achieve levels of quality and reliability quite satisfactory. After losing their cable jack, source of clutter but also more or less premature death devices (it is often him who makes the soul first), the headphones finally lose their last wire, the one that connects the two earpieces .

Indeed, there are many brands to offer earphones called "true wireless" (or "really wireless" ) nowadays. These have the advantage of offering a very good quality / bulk ratio and greater freedom of movement, they are therefore an alternative to good old headphones and earphones traditional. In addition, they always have a storage AND charging case that allows, if we do it right, to never be out of battery. Nevertheless, there are some details to know about this type of devices, and the various models on the market are far from all stands out.

Bluetooth or NFMI?

Crucial point to take into account with this type of products: the quality of the wireless connection. With headphones "true wireless" there is always (for the moment in any case) a so-called headset "master" (master) and a so-called headset "Slavic" (slave). The headset "master" often the right, picks up the Bluetooth audio signal from the source, then sends it to the "slave" headset . This is where it gets complicated, some models use Bluetooth again for signal transmission between the two earpieces, while others, more expensive, opt for NFMI ( "Near Field Magnetic Induction" or "Near Field Magnetic Induction" in French).

Specifically, Bluetooth offers the most freedom of movement, you can even listen to music with a friend by lending one of two earphones. The other side of the coin is that the connection is not the most stable of all, the signal sometimes having trouble crossing the aqueous medium of the human brain. They can also have a latency more or less important. This is why other manufacturers use NFMI. This technology makes it possible to transfer the signal without having it pass through the brain. This results in a much more stable connection. However, this system requires both headsets to be aligned to work, so you will not be able to share your music with a friend. It also seems, according to our tests, that the latency level is lower with this technology.

Finally, note also that because of their format (microphone more distant from the mouth), these headphones are less efficient in handsfree kit and controls may be less convenient than with conventional headphones. That being said, there are now very good models "true wireless" . We have therefore selected three, the cream of the cream according to our tests:

The choice


With the BeoPlay E8, Bang & Olufsen simply sign the best wireless headphones on the market. The E8s have everything for them: a sound of excellent quality without latency (which is far from the case of its competitors "True wireless"), a flawless finish for optimal comfort, a Bluetooth and NFMI connection in concrete, effective and comprehensive touch controls, and they are even resistant to water and dust. In addition to their autonomy, average but not extraordinary, their only real defect in our sense will be their high price. Nevertheless, if you have the necessary budget, do not hesitate a second, they are clearly worth the investment.

The alternative


The Jabra Elite Sport will not only appeal to athletes, even if they will appreciate their very good behavior in the ears, their tightness and the presence of a heart rate sensor. Indeed, these headphones "True wireless" have other arguments to seduce, including their connection Bluetooth / NFMI extremely stable and their very low latency. The audio quality is also very satisfactory, but you should know that the tips provided by the brand are a little smaller than average, they will be less suitable for certain morphologies. In addition, these headphones are not the most comfortable. They remain nevertheless a very good choice, especially since their price is much lower than at their exit. So enjoy!

The best quality / price ratio


The Divacore AntiPods offer a very good quality / price ratio. Their sound is not as fine as that of BeoPlay E8 for example but it is quite suitable. With a very clean finish and extremely compact size, the AntiPods are also very comfortable, without compromising on the hold in the ears. Another major advantage, they have excellent autonomy, far superior to most competing models elsewhere, even the most expensive. Because we must not forget that they cost less than 120 euros.


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