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Purchasing guide updated on December 13, 2017

By brewing many uses, the smartphone has definitely established itself in our daily lives. It remains to determine which is the best smartphone according to your budget or according to your needs.

In addition to the criteria that can make the difference such as photo capture, the size of the phone or the size of the screen, the price of the smartphone is often the element that determines the purchase. And on the price argument, the lines have moved well in recent years.
Thus, in 2017, it is possible to acquire a mid-range smartphone at less than 350 € that will do the job perfectly. Understand that it will capture beautiful photos / videos, offer a reassuring finish and will perform well enough to deliver a user experience without slowing down.

What's left then to more high-end smartphones at 600 € is over? Aesthetic refinements and a perceived quality much more rewarding, the aptitudes photos / videos which hunt on the lands of the cameras, but also very high definition screens and performances even a remarkable autonomy.
Because our smartphones are rarely marathoners and if you intend to go beyond the day of use, you will have to choose well before drawing the CB.

Here is our selection of the best smartphones of the moment those which offer the best performance or the best value for money.
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The best high end smartphone


The Galaxy S 2017 is illustrated this year by its almost edge-to-edge screen. In addition to the wow effect of this display which occupies a large front-panel position, Samsung demonstrates once again its perfect mastery with a striking screen. Infinite blacks, excellent color reproduction, a very high definition, and when the whole benefits from a design and refined case, we are not far from perfection. Especially since this Galaxy S8 is illustrated on the points that count with autonomy and performance clearly above the lot and always a very practical water resistance. Only regret, if the S8 is still one of the best photophones, this year he was delighted his crown by the LG G6. Difficult in spite of everything not to be under the spell of this S8 which cumulates the good points.


The alternative under iOS

The iPhone X offers a real technological breakthrough, but its price is most exclusive. The iPhone 8 presents some novelties of the order of the "incremental", but it is difficult to justify the price gap with his grandfather, the iPhone 7. Because the iPhone 7 is the choice of the reason for the Apple tribe. A price well placed for a smartphone that remains a solid reference on the segment. Water resistance, perennial configuration, a brighter screen and for the first time on a 4.7-inch model an optical stabilization. The least expensive terminal finally has 32 GB of storage, it would almost forget the disappearance of the jack. The early adopters will probably look at the side of the iPhone X and we can not give them wrong. Pragmatists will wait for the second version of the borderless iPhone or opt now for this iPhone 7 tested.

The best smartphone under 350 €


The Galaxy A5 2016 was one of the best smartphones of 2016, his successor takes the torch with the way. The 2017 version retains the excellent autonomy of its predecessor and an equally successful design by gaining the passage in the water resistance (IP68) and 32 GB of storage by default. A guarantee of durability for the phone. However, this edition still shows some weaknesses in the photo and performance. The 2017 A5 version still sets the bar high enough to keep its place in our selection of the best smartphones. A highly recommendable midrange machine.

The best smartphone to less than 200 €


Over the years, the Moto G has established itself as one of the smartphones reference around 200 euros. In 2017, Lenovo has been able to upgrade the Moto G5 by opting for an aluminum finish and adding a fingerprint sensor while lowering the price just under 200 €. With eight-core chips and a beautiful 5 inch Full HD panel, bright and contrasting, this G5 currently has the best performance / compact / price ratio on the market. The autonomy is correct with a day and a half and the machine has the merit of offering the latest version of Android (Nougat) delivering a pleasant and fluid experience. Last asset, a globally satisfactory photo capture, which is rarely the case on smartphones of this price. Here we have the best phone at less than 200 euros of the moment.

The best smartphone to less than 150 €


Motorola definitely knows how to produce excellent entry-level smartphones such as Moto G5 and G5 Plus. His last, the Moto E4, offers a very attractive technical sheet: Android Nougat 7.1, fingerprint reader, removable battery, flash for self-portraits, all in a format close to a rather plump iPhone 7. If the screen is fairly average against a Galaxy J3, the readability remains correct. On the other hand, facing his rival Samsung, his shots are more detailed and realistic. An excellent machine at less than 150 €.

The best smartphone for photography


After a too experimental G5, LG plays the caution and delivers us a very engaging smartphone with a beautiful screen, very high resolution and delivering a good maximum brightness to make it fully exploitable outdoors. Faced with its main rival, Galaxy S8, the LG G6 also has a screen almost edge to edge and a waterproof case. A case that will however be more conventional less sexy. This LG G6 will stand out above all for its incredible abilities for photography. The addicts to the photo on mobile will undeniably find the best photophone proposal of the beginning of the year 2017. A very relevant alternative to the Samsung scroll roller, this G6 is cheaper and will offer more or less the same performance and autonomies as the Galaxy S8 .


The best compact smartphone


While the segment of very small smartphones is deserted by manufacturers who only offer machines often disappointing in use, the proposal of Apple is a hit. Its iPhone SE, perfect is the aging iPhone 5 or even 5s, is like an iPhone 6s in very compact format. Its performance and its wide autonomy presage of an excellent life and this very balanced machine answers perfectly to a precise problematic: to target a population in search of a small smartphone effective and usable with only one hand. For this target, it will be the best choice currently.


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