The camera on the Galaxy S9 phones, compared to a miniature DSLR camera


Samsung did not exaggerate when it chose the "Reimagined Camera" slogan to celebrate the camera enhancements offered by the Galaxy S9 phones

Well hidden in the nail size module, there is a new mechanism that allows adjustment of the aperture used to focus the image, focusing on improving clarity when ambient light is sufficient but without sacrificing performance in poor light conditions

Practically, Samsung took the adjustable aperture on the DLSR cameras and reduced its size to fit into the camera module for a mobile phone. In this case, the aperture is adjustable in two increments, f / 1.5 and f / 2. Even if we do not have the flexibility to choose other intermediate values, the two settings are enough to substantially improve camera capabilities.

Perhaps the next step will be to introduce a fully adjustable diaphragm mechanism, replacing the two side-operated blades

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