"The chain of love broke". An important newspaper in Brazil will no longer publish articles on Facebook


The love story between Facebook and the press is coming to an end after the company announced several changes to the news stream that will reduce the number of articles that reach its social networking users. Instead, user-generated content will be prioritized. Moreover, Facebook has fallen in love with international and national publications after announcing that local news will be prioritized in News Feed

In this context, a large Brazilian publication, Folha de S. Paulo, announced that it will no longer distribute its content on Facebook. According to Folha representatives, the measures taken recently by the company led by Mark Zuckerberg will only encourage the promotion of false news

Another reason why Folha de S. Paulo made this decision is the continued decline of Facebook reach for his articles. The percentage of users who accessed the content of the Facebook publication decreased from 39% at the beginning of last year to 24% in December 2017.

The company that owns the newspaper will not delete the Facebook page but will not publish new content on it. Readers will be able to continue publishing articles on their social networking accounts and pages

Folha de S. Paulo, a publication founded in 1921, has 5.95 million fans on Facebook. Brazil is one of the most important social networking markets. There are more than 100 million Facebook users in the state of Latin America

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